Camouflage Tattooing

Greater Miami Skin and Laser Center Linda Dunn CarterWe rid our patients of Vitiligo, other pigment disorders and scarring.

The Greater Miami Skin and Laser Center provides the latest state of the art techniques for scar revision therapy.

We are happy to have Linda Dunn-Carter LE, CPCP, PMA who is a highly sought after Aesthetician and expert in scar revision therapy. Linda is excited about introducing her diverse skills to the Miami area exclusively at the Greater Miami Skin and Laser Center. She is our in house expert on scar revision providing a range of protocols to significantly repair any type of damage to the skin.

Linda has perfected the art of Skin Needling (aka known as Dry Tattooing) a specialized treatment performed with digital rotary tattoo machines that dramatically diminish the appearance of scars as seen on Miami’s Deco Drive and Local 10 News and has performed over 4000 procedures changing her patients lives with successful and proven results.

The unique success of Linda’s method comes from a process that fundamentally injures the skin then the process to reprogram and transform begins. This is accomplished through precise Pre and Post Care treatments over the course of four months to one year depending of the severity of the scar(s) or condition.

Come see us for a complete consultation on the latest techniques for scar revision therapy. You won’t believe the results!