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Regrets on Tattoos?

Life is filled with many growing stages. When we are young we are simply invincible and make decisions that sometimes we regret as we get older.

Getting tattoos can be one of those things. Not every patient regrets getting tattoos but some do. Especially if one has adorned their body with symbols which at the time were definitions of who we are or aspire to become.

One of our long-term patients (30 years) adorned her body with tattoos when she was 18 years old. The tattoo work was beautiful to her at the time but then she realized she outgrew them and came to see us about removing some of the tattoos she had on her body.

When I was 18 years old, I had the not so bright idea, to fill my body with tattoos. I later regretted getting some of those tattoos. I came to Dr. Marty to get them removed. I never thought I would get the results that I did. My tattoos are totally gone and my skin is as soft as ever. You would never know I had any tattoos.
~ Allissa Merlo, Miami Beach resident

If you ever feel like you want to remove a tattoo, the Greater Miami Skin and Laser Center can help you. Please come see us for an initial consultation. You can book your appointment online, email us or call us on (305) 532-4478.

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