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How Do You Get Rid of Neck Fat?

Struggling with stubborn neck fat can be annoying and lower your self-image. For some, even losing weight won’t get rid of a double chin. So, how do you get rid of submental fat? The first step in removing this unwanted fat around the face and neck is to visit with a certified dermatologist in your area for an examination of the area and to learn about all of your personalized treatment options.

What Is Kybella?

Kybella treatments are a great option for removing stubborn fat in the chin area. Kybella is FDA-approved and non-invasive, so many people prefer it over an invasive surgical procedure that could take much longer to recover from. Kybella is performed during a simple dermatology visit. The procedure involves injecting deoxycholic acid — a substance that naturally occurs in your body — into the area of excess skin fat. This substance helps to break down fat cells, which can improve the look of your jawline and reduce fullness in the chin.

Is Kybella Only for Chin Injections?

Kybella is used to eliminate moderate to severe submental fat, which is also known as a double chin or chin fat. Currently, it is unknown whether Kybella is safe for treating fat in other areas of the body. You and your doctor should decide whether Kybella is a good option for you based on your medical history and treatment goals.

Does Kybella Really Work?

Kybella works by destroying fat cells found below the chin using a naturally-occurring molecule in your body. Once these fat cells have been destroyed, they are no longer able to function as they normally would–which means they will no longer store fat as usual. The result? Fewer fat cells in the chin area and a smoother-looking jawline. Ask your dermatologist for more information about how Kybella works and whether double chin removal treatment is right for you.

What Are the Risks of Kybella?

Many people have seen the before and after pictures of Kybella treatment and wonder whether the improved look can be done without side effects. Kybella most commonly causes pain, redness, or swelling at the injection site location. For most people, these side effects are not severe and go away within a short time frame. For others, the side effects of Kybella may be worse or longer-lasting. Talk to your doctor about the full range of possible side effects of chin fat removal before you decide whether to undergo treatment.

How Long Does Kybella Last, and How Long Does It Take to See Results?

People tend to notice the best results from Kybella a couple of months after their first treatment. Additionally, the best results seem to appear after a person has had at least two treatments with Kybella. Because everyone’s skin is different, these results can vary from person to person. It’s important to talk to your dermatologist about what you can expect.

How Long Does Kybella Swelling Last?

While you may notice results somewhat quickly, it’s important to note that you may experience swelling as the injected solution begins to work on destroying the fat cells. During this time, the skin on your chin could have a reaction to the injection, causing swelling. Most people notice swelling subsides after a few weeks.

To help reduce Kybella injection swelling, try these tips for reducing Kybella swelling:

  • Use a chin strap or other compression chin strap after Kybella treatment
  • Take anti-inflammatory medications for reducing chin injection swelling
  • Massage the treated area (as much as possible without causing pain)
  • Take an antihistamine before Kybella treatment
  • Apply an ice pack to the area after treatment
  • Use warm compresses in the days after treatment
  • Ask your doctor what is the best way to reduce Kybella swelling prior to your first treatment, and always take the advice of your dermatologist for the best healing after Kybella.

Ask your doctor what is the best way to reduce Kybella swelling prior to your first treatment, and always take the advice of your dermatologist for the best healing after Kybella.

How Many Kybella Treatments Will I Need?

Most patients show noticeable improvements after 2 Kybella treatments, however, you may need to undergo fewer or more treatments depending on your personal treatment goals. Some people receive up to 6 Kybella treatment sessions. For this reason, your dermatologist will create a personalized treatment plan that reflects your unique needs and ensures that you see the best possible results from treatment.

Kybella treatments can be done once every month, so you will likely be able to experience the results you desire in a matter of a few months.

What Can You Not Do After Kybella Double Chin Removal?

Always follow the guidance of your trusted dermatologist to know what you should and should not do after having any kind of skin treatment–including Kybella injections. For many people, it helps to keep the following in mind:

  • Try to schedule treatment sessions at least a few weeks before any planned vacations or special events, since swelling may occur
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, sugary foods, spicy foods, and cigarettes after your surgery, as they can cause further irritation and inflammation in the chin
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure, as it can cause further irritation to the skin
  • Avoid having other skin or cosmetic procedures unless your dermatologist approves

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