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Advanced Cosmetic Dermatology from Caring, Board-Certified Dermatologists

Greater Miami Skin & Laser Center has been established as a practice in which patients of all ages can address dermatological concerns. Here, patients receive care from Dr. Martin Zaiac or a skilled member of our clinical staff who has been hand-picked for their training, experience, and compassion. Our physicians are well-known and respected by patients and peers for their strong reputation for clinical excellence. This reputation makes our office one of the most sought-after dermatology practices in our region. The wealth of knowledge that our team brings into the treatment room is coupled with exceptional care for the person receiving treatment.

The treatment options available in our office have been developed with high regard for patient outcomes. As clinical specialists who are also University professors, Dr. Zaiac blend together multiple cosmetic and medical dermatology technologies. Our extensive knowledge of the skin and skill in the use of the most innovative treatments available today provide our patients with beautiful, natural results without extensive downtime and risk. When you come to Greater Miami Skin & Laser Center, you can expect to receive superior care in a friendly, welcoming environment.

At Greater Miami Skin & Laser Center, you can expect top-tier medical care, state-of-the-art technology and equipment, and internationally-renowned medical expertise, all while you relax in a luxurious, tranquil, and spa-like environment. Our caring, distinguished, and knowledgeable board-certified dermatologists provide the latest in advanced medical and cosmetic dermatology procedures. To request a consultation, fill out the form today and take the first step to healthier, more beautiful skin.

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