Are there eczema treatments for children?

Eczema is a chronic skin condition that can impact both adults and children. In fact, most cases of eczema are diagnosed in younger children, as rashes and irritation become a consistent problem. With the help of the team at the Greater Miami Skin and Laser Center, parents can help in easing their child’s symptoms and reducing the likelihood of eczema flare-ups.

What is eczema?

Eczema, often referred to as atopic dermatitis, is a condition that can become a chronic problem for patients of all ages. It typically begins during childhood, and can result in:

  • Red, irritated skin
  • Inflamed skin
  • Itchy skin
  • Scaling of the skin
  • Extreme dryness

Eczema is a condition that can happen to anyone of any ethnicity, and can occur anywhere on the face and body. Patients who have eczema may or may not have a genetic connection to a family member who deals with eczema, active or inactive. There are many triggers that can make eczema worse and cause patients great discomfort. Irritants may include:

  • Dramatic weather changes of hot or col
  • Wearing certain fragrances or scented products on the skin
  • Low humidity/dry air
  • Increased levels of stress
  • Wearing certain fabrics against the skin

In some cases, children diagnosed with eczema will grow out of their condition over time, though 1/4th of patients who are diagnosed with eczema in their childhood continue to deal with this chronic skin concern throughout adulthood.

What treatment options are available?

First, the team at Greater Miami Skin and Laser Center will help patients try to determine their triggers. By avoiding these triggers, many flare-ups of eczema can be avoided. A proper skin care routine may be developed, to ensure the skin is moisturized and protected against the elements. Active cases of eczema can be treated with moisturizing creams, prescription steroid creams, and oral medications. All of these are beneficial for both pediatric and adult cases of eczema.

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