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Greater Miami Skin & Laser Center Launches New Website

Greater Miami Skin & Laser Center, a medical and cosmetic dermatology practice with locations throughout Florida, is happy to announce the launch of a brand new website this month. Our new site features information about many of the treatments we offer, including dermal fillers, Botox, pediatric dermatology services, tattoo removal, and much more. We also …

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Treating Eczema

Stay healthy while living with eczema. You can keep eczema symptoms under control. It’s a good idea to know about the normal day triggers in your surroundings like dry skin, allergens, stress, and irritants that might make you or your children’s eczema start, flare up or get worse. With a proper skin routine, many cases of …

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Regrets on Tattoos?

Life is filled with many growing stages. When we are young we are simply invincible and make decisions that sometimes we regret as we get older. Getting tattoos can be one of those things. Not every patient regrets getting tattoos but some do. Especially if one has adorned their body with symbols which at the …

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