Chemical Peels

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How Long Should I Wait Between Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels are gaining popularity as a go-to skincare treatment for reducing fine lines, fading scars, correcting discoloration, and rejuvenating the skin. However, one common question among those new to chemical peels is, “How long should I wait between treatments?” There are several factors involved in answering that question, including the timing between chemical peels, the […]

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Types of Chemical Peels

Sometimes, patients in the Miami Beach and Hallandale Beach, FL area have a wide range of skin issues that they would like to address. In fact, it is not uncommon for patients to visit the Greater Miami Skin and Laser Center asking for one solution to fix all of their aesthetic concerns. Oftentimes, our doctors

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What is a Chemical Peel Good For?

Have you ever felt as though it would be extremely beneficial to wipe out fine lines, wrinkles, and imperfections in the skin and start all over? Do you deal with imperfections such as poor skin texture and tone that seem difficult to resolve with over-the-counter skincare products? Are you ready for serious rejuvenation of the

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