Mole and Mole Removal

Fibroma and moles with age spots on the female back

Everything to Know About Mole Removal

Whether you’re concerned about an atypical mole or you want to remove one for aesthetic reasons, several effective options provide great cosmetic results. At the Greater Miami Skin & Laser Center, board-certified dermatologists Dr. Martin Zaiac utilize the latest technology to perform multiple mole removal techniques. To find out which treatment is right for you, read on

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Doctor with lancet going to remove mole from patients skin

Why do people get moles?

Moles. Many people have them, in fact, and most are born with them. Some develop later on in adulthood. But are all moles bad? Are moles skin cancer? What makes one mole normal and another concerning? Dr. Martin Zaiac of the Greater Miami Skin and Laser Center are dermatologists in the communities of Miami Beach

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