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Does Kybella really work?

If you are troubled by a noticeable double chin, you are not alone. Millions of Americans have submental fullness, which is the formation of excess fat underneath the chin and on the upper portion of the neck. While harmless, this excess fat can cause patients to look heavier than they really are, and have a

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Ditch the double chin with Kybella!

Men and women who avoid having their picture taken because of their double chin will find that they are more self-conscious about their appearance than they may have originally thought. A double chin, known in the medical field as “submental fullness,” is present on patients regardless of their weight. Some patients have a double chin

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Should I get Kybella?

The double chin. Many men and women, regardless of weight and size, will struggle with a double chin. This area below the chin and above the neck can be troublesome for many. However, the double chin doesn’t have to stay. Instead, many men and women have discovered the benefits of a non-invasive treatment that can

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