Can I still get a chemical peel in the summer?

Chemical peels continue to be a popular treatment option for patients who want to address a wide range of concerns on the face and neck. Chemical peels use a special blend of chemicals that are safe to use on the skin. They are applied to the skin and then cleansed to activate the skin’s shedding process to reveal newer, healthier skin underneath. This exfoliating treatment has been used for many years, and the doctors of Greater Miami Skin and Laser Center work with patients regularly to provide amazing results and more youthful, glowing skin!

What types of chemical peels are available?

There are a wide range of chemical peels used at Greater Miami Skin and Laser Center. Dr. Martin Zaiac of Miami Beach and Hallandale Beach provide mild chemical peels, medium chemical peels, and deep chemical peels based on the patient’s needs and the recovery time they can schedule into their current lifestyle. Deeper chemical peels are commonly formulated with phenol, which can address sun damage and wrinkling that is severe and deep. Patients will need recovery and healing time for these deeper peels as they are much more aggressive than a mild chemical peel.

When can I obtain chemical peels?

Patients can consider chemical peels during any time of the year, but many are worried about having these types of procedures done during the summer months while the skin is already subjected to more sunlight exposure than any other time of the year. Summertime peels can be done, though patients who spend a lot of time outdoors may want to stick with mild chemical peels during this time. This is because the new skin rejuvenated is much more sensitive and can increase a patient’s risk of excessive sun exposure and skin cancer.

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