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Everything to Know About Mole Removal

Whether you’re concerned about an atypical mole or you want to remove one for aesthetic reasons, several effective options provide great cosmetic results. At the Greater Miami Skin & Laser Center, board-certified dermatologists Dr. Martin Zaiac utilize the latest technology to perform multiple mole removal techniques. To find out which treatment is right for you, read on or call 305-532-4478 to book a consultation.

Which Method Is Best for Mole Removal?

Mole removal is a quick in-office procedure that can typically be performed under local anesthetic using the following techniques:

  • Surgical excision: Mole surgery involves using surgical scissors to remove your mole. This can be a good option if your mole goes deeper under your sink. 
  • Shaving: Our dermatologists can use a scalpel to shave down your mole.
  • Freezing: Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen to freeze off moles.
  • Laser treatments: If you have a thin, non-cancerous mole, laser removal can use bursts of light to destroy pigmented skin cells.

The best mole removal method depends on several factors, including whether the mole is cancerous, the area being treated, and how deep the mole goes. Our providers can make the best recommendations for you after a consultation.

What Can I Not Do After Mole Removal?

Mole removal aftercare is essential to speed up healing and achieve the best cosmetic result. After you get your mole removed, our practice will provide comprehensive recovery instructions. These typically include keeping the area dry for 24 hours, gently cleansing your skin, and applying a topical antibiotic. 

You’ll also want to avoid:

  • Irritating cleansers or peroxide.
  • Medications that cause blood thinning or bleeding.
  • Strenuous physical activity.
  • Shaving over the treatment area.
  • Prolonged exposure to water through swimming or taking baths.

Schedule Your Mole Removal in Miami Beach

At the Greater Miami Skin & Laser Center, our highly qualified providers specialize in the most advanced medical and cosmetic skincare treatments. To find out which option is right for your mole removal, schedule an appointment at our Miami Beach, Florida practice by calling 305-532-4478. To ensure your skin stays vibrant and healthy, book your regular skin cancer screening at the same time.

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