How to spring clean your skin routine in 2022

Spring cleaning.

Many of us go through our house and purge unneeded items. Some of us reorganize certain spaces in our home, such as our closets or storage room. But did you ever think about spring cleaning your skin routine? Weather changes all the time, and the same routine that works for your skin in the winter won’t provide the same benefits during the summer. This is why the team at Greater Miami Skin and Laser Center in Miami Beach and Hallandale Beach, FL will recommend changing things up during the spring to prepare for the long days of summer!

How can I spring clean my skin routine?

During the spring, it’s a good time to go through your skincare products and make adjustments where needed to cater to your skin’s needs during the spring and summer versus the fall and winter. Below are just a few tips to readjusting your skincare routine for summer of 2022!

  • Throw out any products that are expired or have not worked for you as there is no need to have them taking up space if you’re not going to use them!
  • Clean all of your makeup applicators, including sponges and brushes. Dirty applicators can case a transfer of bacteria and can become cakey, resulting in clumpier foundation and poor application.
  • Replace any products that have toxic ingredients in them and go for those that are more natural or mineral based. These are often much better for your skin and are often not tested on animals.
  • Swap products based on weather changes. Drier air in the winter may dry out your skin and require you to use heavier moisturizers, but higher humidity in the summer often requires lighter moisturizers if any at all—depending on your skin type.
  • Try new products. Spring is a great time to try new products to see if they provide more benefits than the ones you’ve already been using.

How do I find out more about the right skincare products for me?

It is always a good idea to consult with a dermatologist about your current skincare regimen and one that will provide you more benefits during the spring and summer months. Dr. Martin Zaiac of the Greater Miami Skin and Laser Center work with individuals to help them design a routine that meets their needs. Call (305) 532-4478 to request an appointment with our team at one of our two office locations in the community.

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