Sculptra Face Enhancement

Sculptra is not a filler but is a bio stimulant. This procedure stimulates fibroblasts which are the cells that produce new collagen and elastic fibers in your own skin.

Your facial features are affected by not only gravity but also by the loss of fat and bone. These changes create a downward motion of the upper face. With Sculptra we are restructuring the movement of the face “pulling” it back upwards.

The concept of this product is to stimulate key areas of the face that can redirect the skin in an upward fashion. These sections include around the eyes, cheekbones, the temple areas, along the jawline and even above the eyebrow. We do not use Sculptra on your lips.

This treatment does not show immediate results and takes up to two months for the enhancement to take place. In most cases a second treatment is required to get the full enhancement, however that can only be determined after reevaluation. The Sculptra literature demonstrates that once this enhancement is achieved it can last up to two years.

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