Volux By JUVEDERM: The Latest Non-Surgical Treatment For A Defined Jawline

Are you struggling constantly trying to hide your double chin in photos? Let us help you! At Greater Miami Skin and Laser, we are dedicated to helping people regain their confidence and making them feel great about themselves inside and out. So, whether you’re looking to give your jawline a more contoured look or you’re ready to turn back time and get rid of that saggy skin under your chin, we have the solution for you: our latest jaw filler Volux by JUVEDERM®!

What Is Volux By JUVEDERM®?

JUVEDERM® is a dermal filler that helps give your face back the symmetry you once had and contours the jawline to create natural and stunning results. Volux by JUVEDERM® is not a surgical procedure. Instead, it is a hyaluronic acid gel that contains anesthetic lidocaine to improve the areas you are dissatisfied with painlessly.

Why You Should Choose Us For Your Jaw Filler Treatment

Greater Miami Skin and Laser has a passionate team of experts in dermatology that are committed to helping you feel and look your very best. We can assure you will do whatever it takes to help you reach your cosmetic facial goals by making an individualized treatment plan that is unique for you. 

By getting Volux by JUVEDERM® done in our office, you will be able to take advantage of many benefits, such as having the ability to improve any facial asymmetry on the chin and jawline, decrease the appearance of any sagging skin, give your recessed chin more definition, contour your jawline, and giving your face a younger appearance.

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Ready to boost your confidence levels and build your self-esteem back up by getting rid of that loose and sagging skin along the jawline? Call our experienced and well-trained dermatologists at Greater Miami Skin & Laser Center in Miami Beach, FL, at 305-532-4478 to find out if Volux by JUVEDERM® is the right choice for you. Our office is led by board-certified and highly experienced dermatologists Dr. Martin N. Zaiac, who are committed to giving you the best care possible.

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