Welcome “Menaissance”

It has been a while since the word “Menaissance“ was added to the Collins English Dictionary defined as “a supposed re-emergence and acceptance of masculine virtues and behavior.”

Society continues to evolve at an amazing rate through technological advances and innovations. As society has evolved, so has the relationship between men and dermatologists like myself. There’s many, many practices that cater to women but the old-fashioned barbershop is gone. I want to bring it back in my dermatology practice.

Men have been spending more on their wardrobes each year for well over a decade now and I am starting to see that more and more men are targeting skin care and related products as well.

Men’s Skin Care Specialists:

“I know more and more men are taking skin care more seriously because I have been treating them for some time now and I am seeing an increase in visits. Some see me for skin cancer screenings but mostly men are interested in experiencing a complete wellness dermatologic skin exam. Men also are coming in for facials, Botox and other beauty and cosmetic treatments.”

@DrMartyZ – #DermPioneer

The internet is a “key educational and transactional platform” for men’s skin care options and that is why I am releasing a few new videos featuring male patients.

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