What can delay vitiligo from progressing?

Patients with vitiligo often deal with lowered self-esteem and confidence due to the progression of the condition. Vitiligo is a skin disorder that causes the skin to lose its natural pigmentation. It creates light patches on the skin that can spread and become bigger, resulting in an uneven appearance. Some patients experience vitiligo just on the face, while others can experience it all over the body. This condition is somewhat mysterious, and dermatologists are learning more about more about this condition, what can trigger it, and how it can be managed.

Many patients who visit Dr. Martin Zaiac of Greater Miami Skin and Laser Center of Miami Beach and Hallandale Beach, FL who have been diagnosed with this condition will often ask their doctor if there is a way to keep it from spreading or progressing further on the body or face. There is continued research occurring in the field today, especially through the Vitiligo Research Foundation, or VRF. The VRF has found through clinical studies that there are two possible ways of reducing progression of vitiligo.

  • Oral medications – in certain case studies, the VRF has found that one way to stop vitiligo progression is with the use of oral medications. It has been found that potent systemic corticosteroids can stop progression in 4 out of 5 cases of vitiligo. However, because the medication used can have possible side effects that are more concerning than the progression of vitiligo, many patients choose not to move forward with this treatment.
  • Immunomodulator – another option is immunomodulators that can stop progression within a month. However, they are not readily available in all countries.

Are you struggling with vitiligo?

If you have been diagnosed with vitiligo and are interested in learning more about ways to maintain the natural pigment of the skin as much as possible and slow progression, it is time to book an appointment with a provider at Greater Miami Skin and Laser Center in Hallandale Beach and Miami Beach, Florida. Dr. Martin Zaiac encourage patients to call their main line at (305) 532-4478 to request a visit at either of their two conveniently located office locations. They are always accepting new and current patients seeking solutions for cosmetic and medical dermatology needs.

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