Why do people get moles?

Doctor with lancet going to remove mole from patient's skinMoles. Many people have them, in fact, and most are born with them. Some develop later on in adulthood. But are all moles bad? Are moles skin cancer? What makes one mole normal and another concerning? Dr. Martin Zaiac of the Greater Miami Skin and Laser Center are dermatologists in the communities of Miami Beach and Hallandale Beach who are committed to educating patients on what to know about moles.

What causes people to get moles?

Moles are actually a proliferation of cells that are strongly pigmented that can develop on the skin. While most are benign, or “not cancerous,” changes to moles or new moles may be of concern. Some have a genetic predisposition to developing moles, while others may have a number of moles for no known reason.

Should I have my moles examined?

New or changing moles may be indicative of skin cancer and should be evaluated by a medical professional at the Greater Miami Skin and Laser Center. We encourage patients to book regular screenings each year to monitor for skin cancer. When changes occur, an additional appointment should be made.

Why should I have regular skin cancer screenings?

Skin cancer can spread and become deadly, especially if it is melanoma—the most severe and deadly form of skin cancer. With early detection, diagnosis, and treatment, many patients are able to have the area of skin cancer removed manually by a medical professional and move on with their lives. However, if patients are not proactive about having their skin evaluated by a dermatologist, they may be putting themselves at risk of catching the problem when it is already too late. Dr. Martin Zaiac of the Greater Miami Skin and Laser Center encouraged routine evaluations each year, which may include mole mapping.

How do I learn more about skin cancer?

Education and knowledge is key to reducing the risk of developing problems such as skin cancer. If you live in or around the area of Miami Beach or Hallandale Beach and are interested in working with a dermatologist who understands the seriousness of skin cancer and can provide screenings and evaluations, call (305) 532-4478 to request an appointment. We are open to new and existing patients and encourage patients to be proactive about their skin health and wellness.

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