Why You Shouldn’t Remove a Mole Yourself

Moles are common skin growths that can appear anywhere on the body.

While many moles are benign, some individuals try to remove bothersome or unsightly moles without professional medical help. But self-removal comes with several risks.

Here are some reasons why it’s a much better idea to consult a trained specialist — like those at Greater Miami Skin and Laser Center — for mole removal.

The Risks of DIY Mole Removal

Trying to remove a mole yourself can be a risky endeavor. Without proper knowledge and sterile tools, you could cause severe bleeding or even infection. Moreover, a mole might not be as harmless as it appears.

Some moles can indicate a serious health problem, such as skin cancer. So removing it yourself could delay essential medical treatment.

Professional Diagnosis and Removal

Professional dermatologists have the expertise to identify and diagnose moles. They will recognize if a mole is cancerous or could cause problems in the future.

Mole removal by a certified dermatologist involves a simple in-office procedure where the area is numbed, and the mole is then carefully removed. This approach minimizes risks while ensuring the entire mole is removed. It also means proper aftercare for preventing infection and promoting healing.

Healing and Aftercare

The healing time after professional mole removal is usually about a week. Your dermatologist will provide specific instructions to care for the area, prevent infection, and minimize scarring. If you happen to notice swelling, redness, or a mole growing back after removal, your dermatologist can quickly address these issues. To reiterate: attempting to deal with these potential complications yourself might lead to further problems.

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The board-certified dermatologists at Greater Miami Skin and Laser Center can provide the personalized care you need before, during, and after mole removal.

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