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Dermatology Clinical Trials: What You Should Know

Dermatological clinical trials are research studies that test new methods and treatments in the medical field for skin, hair, and nail conditions and disorders.

Not only do they advance the scientific and medical fields, but they can also offer solutions for those whose disorders or conditions may have none yet. In some instances, they can offer better treatments than the ones available.

Learn why participating in a trial can be beneficial and how to become a participant.

What Do Clinical Trials Do?

The goal of clinical trials is to answer a question. They may look at how effective a treatment is, how people react to a medication, and if an imaging method works as intended, just to name a few. All clinical trials are different, but each one is at the forefront of science and medicine.

Sometimes, clinical trials are created to study already established medications or techniques for novel methods. For example, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has been used for years with clinical efficacy to encourage growth across the body, from restoring hair to rejuvenating skin and even stimulating healing after an injury. A new clinical trial is attempting to use PRP to treat a condition known as vulvar lichen sclerosus, a potentially painful skin condition.

How To Be a Part of Clinical Trials

Typically, individuals would like to be a part of clinical trials to receive medications or treatments that can help their conditions, whether because no treatments are currently offered or because the treatments aren’t particularly effective. If your doctor knows of or is affiliated with a research center, they may be able to recommend you for a clinical trial.

In other cases, you can find clinical trials that relate to you through government-sponsored websites like Information from how the study is designed and eligibility requirements are listed, allowing you to decide whether you should apply directly.

Clinical Trials in Miami, FL

Clinical trials can be an excellent way to participate in new research and receive treatments early. Though clinical trials must follow federal guidelines, ensuring safety and proper ethics, partnering with facilities with a history regarding research can help.

The Greater Miami Skin and Laser Center is a proud affiliate partner with the Skin Care Research Center, which has 25 years of dermatological-specific clinical research.

If you have a dermatological condition, first make sure to visit one of the many helpful dermatologists at the Greater Miami Skin and Laser Center, which, along with comprehensive care, offers the most cutting-edge medical treatments available. Your dermatologist may recommend you for a clinical trial if you qualify.

Call 305-532-4478 to schedule an appointment with the Greater Miami Skin and Laser Center.

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