Facts about Coolsculpting®

male model with athletic body wearing comfortable black cotton underpants standingCoolSculpting is a specialized treatment that is growing in popularity. As patients learn that they can contour their bodies by treating specific areas of unwanted fat, they have become more interested in these non-invasive treatment options as alternatives to plastic surgery. Dr. Martin Zaiac of Greater Miami Skin and Laser Center in Miami Beach, FL, educate patients on the benefits of this treatment.

In addition, our team is here to educate you on some of the lesser-known facts about CoolSculpting®!

  • Patients need to be proper candidates for CoolSculpting®. CoolSculpting® is not for everyone, so scheduling an appointment with our team is the first step in learning more.
  • Treatment with CoolSculpting® is non-invasive. Instead of using liposuction and other plastic surgery strategies to combat unwanted fat and improve body contours, CoolSculpting® works from the outside in to provide results. This allows patients to achieve changes without going under a surgeon’s scalpel.
  • Noticeable changes in a shorter period of time. The results from CoolSculpting® are gradual, allowing for noticeable yet natural changes to the body after the first initial treatment.
  • Patients may experience minimal discomfort. Patients will find that after their treatment in the office, they experience tenderness in the area. However, this won’t stop our patients from going about their day and participating in work, school, and physical activities.
  • CoolSculpting® doesn’t treat sagging skin. CoolSculpting® does a great job of reducing unwanted fat in a specific area while improving body contours, but it cannot treat sagging or loose skin. This is often only achieved with surgery.
  • This treatment was inspired by ice! Scientists noticed that infants and young children who indulged in ice treats such as ice blocks or popsicles often developed dimples in the cheeks. This was due to the cooling effect that damaged fat cells in the cheeks with time. The inspiration for CoolSculpting® came from this more natural process of cryolipolysis.

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If you are located in the Miami Beach, FL, area and want to learn more about this treatment, call 305-532-4478 to request an appointment at Greater Miami Skin and Laser Center.

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