What to expect at your dermatology appointment

Seeing a dermatologist is the best thing you can do if you are dealing with concerns regarding the hair, skin, or nails. A dermatologist is a specialist that has extensive training and a medical focus on these parts of the body. With the help of a professional, many patients can address skin cancer, acne, eczema, psoriasis, nail fungus, and hair thinning and loss. Whether you have been referred to a dermatologist by your primary care physician or are seeing a dermatologist on your own terms, it is important to know what to expect during your dermatology appointment at Greater Miami Skin and Laser Center.

How do I prepare for my dermatology appointment?

A dermatology appointment starts with a phone call to the practice to schedule your first visit. If this is your first appointment, be sure to arrive earlier than your time to complete new patient paperwork. Our front office team will also take insurance information down and provide paperwork that covers the patient’s current health status, their dermatological concerns, and their medical and family history. Having a list of current medications, supplements, and vitamins that you are taking on a daily basis is also recommended at your first visit.

How long does a dermatology appointment take?

This depends significantly on the purpose of your visit. If you have a rash or growth that needs to be evaluated, the appointment may be rather short. However, if you are coming in for cosmetic injectables, laser therapies, or skin rejuvenation treatments, your time in the office may be more extended. Patients who are arriving for a skin cancer screening will need to schedule for a longer visit as the dermatologist will check the body from head to toe for any signs of skin cancer.

Is a dermatology appointment different than a regular doctor visit?

An appointment with the dermatologist is very similar to a medical appointment with your primary care physician. The dermatologist, however, has a more focused approach and can provide more experienced recommendations and care than a standard family physician.

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